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Attention YPSI 24 registered filmmakers!

The time has come to reveal the one element that every entry must include:  an image of the iconic Ypsilanti Water Tower.  It’s found in the small triangle created by the intersections of W. Cross Street, Washtenaw Avenue, and N. Summit St. in Ypsilanti across from Eastern Michigan University.  Remember, the image must be captured during the 24-hour production time period.  The other required items will be given during the check-in on Friday evening (6-7 pm).  Good luck!


10/4/12:  Jacob Mendez:  “I need one last actor and a sound person to help me with the film fest.”  If interested, contact Jacob directly at jacob7thworld@yahoo.com.

An Ypsilanti crew is looking for a video editor to join their team to enter the YPSI 24-Hour Film Shootout.  If you’re an editor that would like to join a team, send your name and contact info to the YPSI 24 contact form and we’ll make the connection.


10/4/12:  If anyone needs a sound designer/engineer I am eager and willing.

Contact: Eben Mannes       Email: ebenmannes@gmail.com, ebenmannes.com

Thomas W. says “I am looking for a team to join.  I can act, bring creative ideas to the table, and general help.”   If a team out there is looking for a guy like Thomas, use our Contact page and we’ll send you his contact info.